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Snug Vest US

"The results were, little by little having more attention, less emotions eruptions, peace of mind, went from needing a teachers aid to being fourth in his class."

- Guy Moisan
"I have seen the calmness that comes as the vest is pumped up to just the right tightness to provide just the right sense of peace."

- Angela, Mother & Grandmother
"Tristan is using his Snug Vest at school 2-3 times a day.  He is much calmer, more able to attend to his work and less fidgety as well.  School has mentioned that his focus has increased and his handwriting is becoming way more legible."

- Gabriele, Mother
"For the first time ever we had no problems when shopping in Walmart and it was all because he was wearing the Snug Vest! We have been able to successfully stop 5 out of 7 meltdowns due to the Snug Vest and calm him safely just by putting the vest on and inflating it!"

- Jessica Leroux, Mother
"After using Snug Vest, my son seems more settled in school and is able to focus in his school work much faster. He seems to be at the same speed with other children now."

- Rosie McCormick, Mother
"Snug Vest came in yesterday and was an instant hit on my son. He felt so comfy in it and we were able to stop almost all of his tantrums."

- Roderick F., Father
"With Snug Vest, Trey's escalations when denied access or during transitions have decreased to 1/5 occasions, and he's able to self-regulate with minimal visual prompting."

- B.C., Teacher